The AirWatch Unified Agent provides a single resource for enrollment and facilitates communication between the device and the Workspace ONE UEM Console. Use the AirWatch Unified Agent to simplify enrollment and enable full MDM functionality.

Consider using the AirWatch Unified Agent for Windows to enroll your Windows Desktop devices as the agent provides the simplest enrollment flow for users. If you have Workspace ONE configured, downloading the agent from also downloads the Workspace ONE app. When you finish enrolling with the AirWatch Unified Agent, the Workspace ONE app auto-launches and configures based on your Workspace ONE UEM deployment.

The AirWatch Unified Agent provides extra functionality to your Windows Desktop devices including location services.

You can simplify enrollment for your end users by using Windows Auto-Discovery. Windows Auto-Discovery enables end users to enter their email address to fill in the text boxes automatically with their enrollment credentials.

AirWatch Cloud Messaging

AirWatch Cloud Messaging (AWCM) enables real-time policy and command delivery to the AirWatch Unified Agent. Without AWCM, the AirWatch Unified Agent only receives policy and command delivery during its normal check-in intervals set in the AirWatch console. Consider using AWCM for real-time policy and command delivery to Windows Desktop devices.

For more information on Auto-Discovery, see Introduction to the Windows Auto-Discovery Service.