Workspace ONE UEM supports the auto-enrollment of specific Windows Desktop devices purchased from Dell. Auto-enrollment simplifies the enrollment process by automatically enrolling registered devices following the Out-of-Box-Experience.

Windows 10 Provisioning Service by VMware AirWatch only applies to select Dell devices with the correct Windows 10 image. The auto-enrollment functionality must be purchased as part of the purchase order from Dell. Workspace ONE UEM only supports Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education SKUs for Cloud Provisioning.

Windows 10 Provisioning Service by VMware AirWatch matches registered devices with users and automatically enrolls the device following the Out-of-Box-Experience. When the end user signs in to the device, the provisioning agent on the device receives the profiles and apps assigned to the device and user. This functionality works similar to the Apple Device Enrollment Program.

When you purchase your Dell devices, Dell supplies Workspace ONE UEM with the device details of the purchased devices. To use auto-enrollment, you must register the serial numbers for all the devices purchased from Dell. Workspace ONE UEM matches the serial number to the ones provides by dell for use with AirWatch Auto-Discovery.

You must register the devices with a user account before sending the devices to end users.

For a seamless enrollment experience, consider configuring the External Access Token authentication method for VMware Identity Manager. The External Access Token authentication enables Workspace ONE to open automatically and deliver apps to the device. When the feature is enabled, Workspace ONE automatically authenticates and provides the user with the first-launch experience that shows the application and policy installation progress.


"Devices enrolled through Windows 10 Provisioning Service by Vmware AirWatch will not automatically re-enroll during a factory reset. The Windows 10 Provisioning Service only works for the first time enrollment.