Bulk provisioning creates a pre-configured package that stages Windows 10 devices and enrolls them into Workspace ONE UEM. Use bulk provisioning to enroll and configured multiple devices with a standard user account quickly.

This enrollment flow is the only way to enroll a device with a standard user account. Admin permissions are still required run the pre-configured package. Bulk provisioning only supports single user standard staging.

To use bulk provisioning, download the Microsoft Assessment and Development Kit and installing the Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool. The ICD creates provisioning packages used to image devices. As part of these provisioning packages, you can include Workspace ONE UEM configuration settings so that provisioned devices are automatically enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM during the initial Out of Box Experience (OOBE).

To map the devices to the correct end user automatically, register the devices per user or using a bulk import before creating the provisioning package. For more information, see Device Registration .