This section contains topics for enrolling devices and configuring various enrollment options. Consider reviewing the general information about enrollment to better understand the many enrollment flows and methods.


Device Enrollment (General)

This section covers many enrollment aspects that you should consider before allowing your end users to enroll. It also includes several considerations when making decisions about your enrollment strategy.

iOS Enrollment

iOS devices can be enrolled in several ways, each of which are covered in this section. How you enroll an iOS device can have an impact on the level of device management Workspace ONE UEM can provide.

macOS Enrollment

Enable your end users to enroll their laptops using the AirWatch Agent. Or, use device staging to enroll for them or set up a shared device.

tvOS Enrollment

Enroll tvOS devices by first creating a Wi-Fi profile and then using Apple Configurator via USB connection.

Android Enrollment

Android device enrollment occurs primarily through the AirWatch Agent. Each OEM has a specific service application that may also be downloaded.

Android for Work Enrollment

Android for Work enrollment uses autodiscovery to conduct either a Work Profile or Work Managed enrollment. The differences between these two options are covered in this section.

Samsung Knox Enrollment

This section covers how to enroll large numbers of corporate-owned Knox devices, while keeping end user interaction to a minimum, using Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Chrome OS Enrollment share arrow

Enroll Chrome OS devices using the AirWatch Agent and, if desired, autodiscovery enrollment.

Windows Desktop Enrollment

Windows Desktop devices have several enrollment methods, including the Agent and a native enrollment option. You can also integrate with Azure AD to automatically enroll devices with limited end user interaction.

Windows Phone Enrollment

Windows Phone devices share many of the same enrollment options and methods with Windows desktops. Use the Agent, the native client, or integrate with Azure AD.

Windows 7 Enrollment

Windows 7 devices have a number of enrollment options, including using the Agent, device imaging, and silent enrollment.

Windows Rugged Enrollment

Enroll rugged Windows devices using either the sideloading or Web enrollment methods.

Tizen Enrollment

Enroll supported Tizen devices using the AirWatch Agent application.

Smart Glasses Enrollment

Enroll supported Smart Glass devices using the AirWatch Agent.