The enrollment process may differ slightly depending on the device platform. You can find platform-specific instructions for enrolling each type of device by selecting Enrollment.

To enroll a device, you need the following information.

  • Enrollment URL – This enrollment URL is for all users, organizations, and devices enrolling into Workspace ONE ™ UEM.
  • User Credentials – This user name and password confirm the identity of a user to allow log in, authentication, and enrollment.
    • Credentials may be the same as network directory services, for use in a directory-service based enrollment.


    • Credentials may be Workspace ONE UEM-specific, for use in a basic user enrollment.
  • Group ID – The Group ID determines what Mobile Device Management (MDM) resources and features the end user has access to upon enrollment. If necessary, provide end users with this Group ID.


Continue to the next step in the enrollment decision tree by selecting Create a Custom Enrollment Message.