The flexible deployment page contains information about your application assignments. From this page, edit schedules for deployments and view settings configured upon upload.

Options displayed on this window depend on the platform.

Setting Description
Edit Edit assignment configurations, including the smart group and push mode.
Delete Remove the selected assignment from the application deployment.
Move Up Raise the selected priority of the assignment by moving it up on the list of assignments.
Move Down Reduce the selected priority of the assignment by moving it down on the list of assignments.
Name View the assigned smart group.

View the priority of the assignment you configured when placing the selected assignment in the list of assignments. Priority 0 is the most important assignment and takes precedence over all other deployments.

You can use this option with Effective to help plan deployments to avoid times when your mobile network experiences heavy traffic.

App Delivery Method View how the application pushes to devices. Auto pushes immediately through the AirWatch Catalog with no user interaction. On Demand pushes to devices when the user initiates an installation from the AirWatch Catalog.

(Internal Applications)

Review the status of the assignment, whether it is in effect now or will be effective at some future date.
Managed Access View whether the application has adaptive management enabled.
Remove on Unenroll (Apple iOS)

View whether Workspace ONE UEM removes the application from a device when the device is unenrolled from Workspace ONE UEM.

If you choose to enable this option, supervised devices are restricted from silent app installation because the device is locked and the provisioning profile installation is in the command queue which requires a device to be unlocked to complete the installation.

If you choose to disable this option, provisioning profiles are not pushed along with the installed application. That is, if the provisioning profile is updated, the new provisioning profile is not automatically deployed to devices. In such cases, a new version of the application with the new provisioning profile is required.

Application Backup (Apple iOS) View whether Workspace ONE UEM disallows backing up the application data to iCloud. However, the application can still back up to iCloud.
VPN Access (Apple iOS 7+)

View if Workspace ONE UEM uses a VPN connection at the application level. This option sets end users to access the application using a VPN, which helps ensure that application access and use is trusted and secure.

This option is Disabled for platforms other than Apple iOS.

Send Configuration

View if Workspace ONE UEM sends configurations to managed Android and Apple iOS applications.

Assume Management View if Workspace ONE UEM is enabled to assume management of user-installed applications without requiring the deletion of the previously installed application from the device. This option corresponds to the Make App MDM Managed if User Installed option.

Application configurations are vendor-specific key-value pairs you can deploy with an application to preconfigure the application for users. For resources about application configurations, see Application Configuration Information.

For information about assuming management of applications installed by users, see Make App MDM Managed if User Installed.

Read Flexible Deployment Conflicts and Priorities for an explanation of how priorities can cause conflicts with deployment schedules.