If a device belongs to more than one smart group and you assign these smart groups to an application with several flexible deployments, the device receives the scheduled flexible deployment with the most immediate Priority.

As you assign smart groups to flexible deployments, remember that a single device can belong to more than one smart group. In turn, one device can be assigned to more than one flexible deployment for the same application.


Device 01 belongs to Smart Group HR and Smart Group Training. You configure and assign two flexible deployments for application X, which include both Smart Groups. Device 01 now has two assignments for application X.

The following example shows how Device 01 can receive an assignment later than expected due to the flexible deployment priority.

  Priority Smart Group Deployment Parameters Deployment Received
Device 01



Smart Group


Deploy in 10 days time

On Demand

Receives this assignment, 10 days later with installation initiated by the user (on demand).



Smart Group


Deploy now


Not received because it received the Priority 0 assignment.

Go to Control Batch Options for Flexible Deployments to read about the options to control batch releases of internal application assignments.