Use dynamic branding for applications that serve multiple brands with a single login page. This feature requires settings in the Workspace ONE UEM console and code changes in the application.

Console Settings

Request your Workspace ONE UEM admin to set the listed values in the console. Find settings in Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings > Branding.

  1. Enable Branding.
  2. Add a color in the Primary Color field.

    The application uses this color for the background of splash and loading pages and for action buttons.

Application Code

Change the code to add a company logo and to implement your branding scheme.

  • Company logo - To add a company logo for dynamic branding, override isInputLogoBrandable() in the AWApplication class.


                            * Returns if the company logos are brandable.
                            * @return true if branded logos needs to be used on the SDK UI screens, and false
                            if not
                            protected boolean isInputLogoBrandable() {
                            return true;
  • Branding scheme - Add your branding scheme to BrandingManager and inject it into the BrandingProvider class.


    public abstract class AWApplication extends MultiDexApplication implements BrandingProvider
                            private BrandingManager brandingManager;
                            public final void onCreate() {
                            brandingManager = new DefaultBrandingManager(
                            new SDKDataModelImpl(getApplicationContext()),
                            public BrandingManager getBrandingManager() {
                            return brandingManager;

Change the Notification Icon

The SDK uses the notification icon specified in the AndroidManifest file. To change the notification icon, edit the icon value in the application component list of the manifest file.


If you do not have a value for the notification icon in the manifest file, the SDK uses a default Workspace ONE UEM icon.