If you use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), you can send push notifications from applications uploaded to the Workspace ONE UEM console to Android devices through GCM. Devices must have an SDK-built application on it that supports push notifications.


Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) replaces GCM. This outlined process does not work for applications that use FCM.


This feature requires Workspace ONE UEM console v9.5+.

Configure GCM

To send notifications using GCM, configure GCM and get a sender ID and an API server key. These two values enable GCM, Workspace ONE UEM, the client, and the application to communicate

  • Sender ID - The GCM system generates this value when you configure an GCM API project. The system uses the value to identify the package ID for the application.
  • API Server Key - This key gets saved on application server to authorize the server to access Google services. Enter this value when you upload the internal application to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

The Client Gets a Registration Token from GCM

Call the registration API on the client to register with GCM. The client then sends the registration token to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Each client has its own registration token. The console uses the registration token to identify the client for which push notifications are sent through GCM servers.

Registration Process

  1. Register the application with GCM using the directions at https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/android/client.
  2. Retrieve the sender ID and code it in the application class.
  3. Retrieve the API server key and enter it in the console while uploading the app.
  4. Call Register API on the client side to register the device with the GCM server and to retrieve the registration token (GCM token).
  5. The SDK beacon sends the token to the Workspace ONE UEM console. If you want to force sending the token immediately, stop and restart the application.

Upload the Application to Workspace ONE UEM

For information on uploading internal applications, see Upload Internal Applications with a Local File.

Send Push Notifications With Workspace ONE UEM

Send push notifications from the Workspace ONE UEM console with these steps.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal and select the application from the list view.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Select all the devices to which you want to send the notification.
  4. Select Send Message to All or Send.
  5. Select Push Notification for the Message Type.

  6. Select the SDK-built application in the Application Name field the system uses to send push notifications to selected devices.
  7. Enter the message in the Message Body, complete the rest of the procedure, and send it to devices.