The collection of GPS coordinates relates to privacy concerns in a fundamental way. While it is not appropriate to collect GPS data for employee-owned devices, the following notes apply to all devices enrolled in Workspace ONE ™ UEM.

  • Only the AirWatch Agent relays device GPS location data back to the UEM console.
    • Other apps that use the Workspace ONE UEM SDK such as VMware Browser, Content Locker, Boxer, and so forth, do not report GPS data back to the UEM console.
    • GPS is typically used for lost or stolen devices. It is also used when knowing the location of a device is inherently part of the Workspace ONE UEM console function such as Geofencing. For more information, see Geofences.
    • When GPS data is reported, Workspace ONE UEM defines a 1-kilometer region around this location. It then reports location information whenever the device moves outside the region or whenever the user opens a Workspace ONE UEM or internal application. No new GPS data is reported unless one of these actions occurs.