This section contains topics for creating and managing various group types. Workspace ONE UEM uses several different types of groups to manage users, devices, apps, content and more.


Assignment Groups

Create assignment groups to assign profiles, policies, apps, and more to devices. An assignment group is a collection of other groups.

Organization Groups

Organization groups establish a hierarchy for your Workspace ONE UEM deployment. Group users or devices to match your organizational hierarchy or establish them based on specific features or content.

Smart Groups

Smart groups are customizable groups that determine which platforms, devices, and end-users receive an assigned application, book, compliance policy, device profile, or product provision.

User Groups

User groups act as filters for assigning profiles and applications. When configuring your Workspace ONE UEM environment, you can create user groups that only apply to specific sets of users.

Admin Groups

Create admin groups to assemble subsets of administrator accounts for assigning roles and permissions.