Feature Description

Supported Version


Barcode Enrollment Create barcode using EZ Config, device scans barcode to download agent and enroll. 1.0
Sideload Staging Create sideload package manually, run batch file to install agent and enroll. 1.0
Client SDK Enrollment Auto enrollment supported via Client SDK API. Agent and Service are silently activated and enrolled 1.0
Persistence Agent and enrollment is persisted through an enterprise reset. 1.1
Automatically enable Notification Access for Launcher Notification Access is granted to AirWatch Launcher without the user needing to accept additional prompts 3.1
Silent Device Administrator Activation Ability to activate the Agent and Service as device admin without user prompt. 1.0
Silently Set Default Launcher Ability to set the default launcher without user prompt. 2.0
Allow Airplane Mode Enable or disable airplane mode. 1.0
Allow Bluetooth

Enable or disable Bluetooth.

Force Bluetooth On Forces Bluetooth on so user cannot turn it off. 1.0
Allow GPS  Enable or disable GPS Location on the device. 1.0
Force GPS On Force GPS on so user cannot turn off. 1.0
Allow USB Debugging Enable or disable USB Debugging found in Developer Options. 1.0
Allow USB Mass Storage Enable or disables the ability to mount the device as storage to a PC. Affects both MTP & PTP. 1.0
Allow Wi-Fi Enable or disable Wifi - when disabled, user cannot turn it on. 1.0
Force Wi-Fi On Force Wifi on so user cannot turn it off. 1.0
Allow Safe Mode Enable or disable the ability to reboot the device into Safe Mode. 1.1
Disable Guest Account Addition Disable the ability to add a guest user on the device 3.1
Silent Install/Uninstall/Update of Apps Apps can be installed or uninstalled or updated without any user interaction. 1.0
App Whitelist Only whitelisted applications will be able to be installed. Non-whitelisted applications will be disabled or removed from the device. 1.1
App Blacklist Blacklisted Applications will be disabled or removed from the device and cannot be installed. 1.1
Set Automatic Date/Time Set the Date/Time and Timezone to Automatic on the device. 2.0
SNTP Time Server Sync the Date/Time with a specific Time Server. 2.0
HTTP URL Time Sync the Date/Time with any HTTP URL. 2.0
Server Time Sync the Date/Time with the AW Console. 2.0
Set Date Format Set the Date Format to various different options (12/12/2015, 31/12/2015, Sept 31, 2015, etc). 2.0
Set Time Format Set the time to 12H or 24H. 2.0
Set Time Zone Set the Time Zone on the device. 2.0
Certificate Management
Silent Certificate Install Install certificates without user interaction. 1.0
Silent Certificate Removal Remove/Uninstall certificates without user interaction. 1.0
Reboot Send a reboot product or file/action. 1.0
Enterprise Reset Send an Enterprise Reset from the Console and AirWatch Agent and enrollment will be persisted. 1.1
Factory Reset Send a Factory Reset from the Console and AirWatch Agent and enrollment are not persisted. 1.1
Write Files to IPSM Directory Push files down to the IPSM folder through file/actions. 1.0
OS Upgrade Push an OS File to IPSM/autoinstall folder and reboot to perform OS upgrade. 1.0
MDM Agent Upgrade Upgrade the Agent and HW Service via Files/Actions - New app versions are persisted.


1.2 - M

APN Configuration Configure APN settings on the device. 1.1
VPN Configuration

Supported VPN types: