Supported Restrictions

  • Advanced -

    Configure Android devices Access Point Name (APN) settings to unify device fleet carrier settings and correct misconfigurations.

    • Configure APN - Create a custom Access Point Name (APN) and set as preferred APN.
  • Device Functionality -

    Device-level restrictions can disable core device functionality such as the camera, screen capture and factory reset to help improve productivity and security.

    • Allow Safe Mode - Prevents the device from booting into Safe Mode
    • Allow Status Bar -Prevents the Notification pull-down menu and notification icons are hidden.
    • Allow Voice Dialer - Prevents using Voice-recognition to make outgoing calls.
  • Location Services -

    Reports the real time geo-data to report the location of device through GPS tracking and reports back to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

    • Allow GPS Location Services - Prevents the use of GPS.
  •   Network -

    Prevent devices from accessing Wi-Fi and data connections to ensure that end users are not viewing sensitive information using an insecure connection.

    • Allow Cellular Data - Prevent use of data over the cellular network.
    • Allow Unsecure Wi-Fi - Prevent the connection to open Wi-Fi networks.
  •   Sync and Storage -

    Control how information is stored on devices, allowing you to maintain the highest balance of productivity and security.

    • Allow SD Card Access - Prevent detection of an inserted SD Card.
    • Allow USB - Prevent device from connecting to other devices through the USB port.