Toward the end of your Workspace ONE UEM installation, you may see a screen asking for your Installation Token generated from myAirWatch. This token is used to provision the necessary secure channel certificate to your Workspace ONE UEM database if it is not already present, such as in the case of a new installation.

To retrieve the token automatically, your Workspace ONE UEM application server must have outbound Internet access to the Workspace ONE UEM signing service, as defined under Network Requirements in the Workspace ONE UEM Recommended Architecture Guide.

  1. After Workspace ONE UEM installation, on the Global Enterprise Manager screen, enter your Company Name and Environment Type.
  2. Select the myAirWatch link, which should open the myAirWatch website. If the token field is not displayed, then no certificates are needed or the signing service could not be reached. If the service cannot be reached, see Generate Installation Token from myAirWatch (Manual Method) .

  3. Log in to myAirWatch and navigate to myAirWatch > My Company.
  4. Select Certificate Signing Portal.


  5. Select Authorize Install.


  6. Select Generate a Token.


  7. Enter your token in the Installation Token field on the Global Enterprise Manager screen to complete the installation.