AirWatch Analytics provides detailed feedback on your AirWatch deployment. Use the analytics tools to review how you use AirWatch to manage your devices and applications.

Analytics Basics

Two components provide the information necessary to access the health of your AirWatch solution. The event logs list each admin and device action taken in the AirWatch Console. AirWatch DataMart provides scheduled exports of data for analysis.

You can also integrate and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools into your AirWatch solution using the AirWatch Syslog settings.

Event Logs

The event logs provide records of administrative and device actions that the AirWatch Console stores in logs. Export event logs as CSV files or configure the AirWatch Console to send event logs to your Security Information and Event Management tools or Business Intelligence systems. For more information, see Event Logs.

Syslog Integration

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology gathers information about security alerts generated by network hardware and software components. It centralizes this data and generates reports to help you monitor activity, perform log audits, and respond to incidents. Workspace ONE UEM integrates with your SIEM tools by sending event logs using Syslog.

For more information, see Syslog Integration.

AirWatch DataMart

AirWatch DataMart that enables scheduled automatic data exports from the AirWatch database for statistical analysis and reporting. To use the tool, load DataMart on the server hosting the AirWatch database or in a separate network location. Successful installation creates two SQL Server Agent jobs on the server. For more information, see AirWatch DataMart.