Deploy an app catalog so device users can access enterprise applications that you manage in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Your end users can find and access applications based on the app catalog settings you establish in the UEM console.

Basics of the AirWatch Catalog

For a description of the AirWatch Catalog features and a list of how to deploy the AirWatch Catalog, read AirWatch Catalog Features and Deployment Methods.

Workspace ONE UEMsupports a catalog for most platforms. For a list of the platforms that support the use of the AirWatch Catalog, see AirWatch Catalog Supported Platforms.

For an explanation of the options available for the AirWatch Catalog and for the Workspace ONE catalog, see Workspace ONE and AirWatch Catalog Settings.

Deployment Methods

Select from two ways to deploy the AirWatch Catalog; through the groups and settings area or with a device profile.

Groups & Settings Method

Push your AirWatch Catalog with catalog settings when you want devices to receive the catalog immediately upon enrollment. See Deploy the AirWatch Catalog With Groups & Settings Options for more information.

Device Profile Method

Push your AirWatch Catalog with a profile when it does not matter that devices receive the catalog immediately upon enrollment with a web clip or bookmark. See Deploy the AirWatch Catalog With a Profile for more information.

Configure the AirWatch Catalog

To highlight special applications in your AirWatch Catalog, you can use the featured application option. See Configure Featured Applications for instructions on how to feature applications.

AirWatch Catalog Installation Behaviors and Messages

For a description of how the AirWatch Catalog and the Standalone Catalog install applications to devices and the messages installations present on devices, see Application Installation and AirWatch Catalogs.

Standalone Catalog

Workspace ONE UEM offers the flexibility of deploying the standalone catalog that works independently of the MDM feature. See Standalone Catalog for MAM Only Deployments for more details.