Manage devices in your fleet and perform functions on a particular set of devices using many different screens in the Workspace ONE ™ UEM console.

You can examine the data flow with the Hub and take a closer look at your fleet with Device Dashboard. You can group devices together and create customized lists with the Device List View.

You can also generate Reports and use Tags to easily identify devices. You can even set up the Self-Service Portal (SSP) to enable end users to manage their own devices and reduce the strain on Help Desk personnel.

Selecting a Home Page

Although you can select any page in Workspace ONE UEM to be your home page, the Hub is a popular choice. The Hub contains a bird's-eye view of popular information about your device fleet. This information includes enrollment status, platform breakdown, enrollment history, compliance, profiles, app information, and more. For details, see Workspace ONE UEM Hub.

Summarized Device Details

The Device Dashboard provides a look at summarized device details. These details include security overview, ownership breakdown, a breakdown of the last time your devices have checked in, and operating system versions. For more information, see Device Dashboard.

All Your Devices in a Single View

The Device List View lets you make customized lists of devices using filters and sorting, and then enables you to perform actions on that list. These actions include sending email, text message, or push notifications, requesting an enterprise wipe, adding a device tag, change ownership level, and many other actions. For more information, see Device List View.

Single Device Deep Dive

View all the details of a single device including user info, installed profiles, policies, certificates, and apps. You can audit all the environment information such as organization group, assigned smart groups, and location data. For details, see Device Details.

Wipe Protection

Workspace ONE UEM can notify you when the number of enterprise-wiped devices exceeds a threshold that you define. For more information, see Wipe Protection.

Device Assignments

Rather than manually move devices to other user groups for managing device content, you can move those devices (and by extension, profiles, apps, and policies) automatically. This device movement is based on an Internet protocol (IP) address or custom attribute. For more information, see Device Assignments.