The Content Management solution provides the end users with options to manage their personal content on enrolled devices. The Personal Content repository is a location where end users have complete control over the files that are stored within it. Only the deployments that purchased the appropriate licenses can configure the security permissions that enable this repository for end users.


When the Personal Content repository is enabled, the end users are provided with the following capabilities:

  • Upload and download the personal content to the repository.
  • Access repository content from multiple mediums.
  • Manage the personal content stored in the repository.


The end users can access and upload the content to the repository using:

  • VMware Workspace ONE Content application
  • Supported web browser with the Self-Service Portal
  • Personal computer with VMware Content Locker Sync


To protect the personal content of end users, Content Management solution provides the following security features:

  • The data in transit is secured using SSL encryption.
  • The content that is stored and deployed in the Personal Content repository is protected with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • VMware Workspace ONE Content v2.2 and later for iOS uses the NSFileProtectionComplete class to store the content.


Depending on the deployment model, you can store Personal Content repository files in the Workspace ONE UEM database that is hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Alternatively, you can use the Remote File Storage to store the personal content on-premises, regardless of the deployment model.


The Content Management solution provides you the options to allocate and manage the storage quota for the Personal Content repository. You can also configure individual user storage quotas in the UEM Console at Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Personal Content.