The product provisioning system allows you to create profiles for your rugged devices. The profiles created for rugged devices are installed or uninstalled as part of a product.

Profiles created under Products are different than those created through Workspace ONE ™ UEM. This section lists the differences between profiles created for normal device use and those created for use in product provisioning.

Profile Creation and General Settings

Profiles for use with product provisioning must be created by navigating to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Components > Profiles and select Add.

While creating these product provisioning profiles, the general tab will be different than the normal general tab for profiles.


Assignment of profiles happens at the product level and not at the profile level as it is in smartphone profiles.

Saving Product Provisioning Profiles

After configuring your product provisioning profile, select Save instead of Save & Publish.

Profiles names cannot be longer than 255 characters.