Select a device or group of devices to complete the following actions.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select Device. The Details View appears.
  2. Select More Actions and choose from the following education-specific actions.
    • User Lists (Query) - Send a query command to the device to return a list of cached users.
    • Device Configured (Admin) - Send this command if a device is stuck in an Awaiting Configuration state.
    • Log out user (Admin) - Log out the current user of the device if needed.
    • iOS updates (Admin) - Select individual devices or devices in bulk to update devices.
    • Enable/Disable Lost Mode – Lock a device and send a message, phone number, or text to the lock screen. Lost Mode is disabled by administrators only. When Lost Mode is disabled, the device returns to normal functionality. Users are sent a message that tells them that the location of the device was shared.
      • Request Device Location – Query a device in Lost Mode, and then access the Location tab to find the device. (iOS 9.3 + Supervised)