The first step of the upgrade process is to take note of your existing Workspace ONE UEM console configurations to ensure everything is set up and functioning properly before the upgrade procedure. This also includes verifying you meet the minimum hardware requirements and have the appropriate SQL permissions.

Meet the Hardware and Software Requirements

Meet all of the requirements needed for a Workspace ONE UEM installation. You can find the hardware, software and network requirements in the Workspace ONE UEM Recommended Architecture Guide. If your device count has changed since performing the initial installation, reference this documentation to ensure your application and database servers still meet the minimum requirements.

Other prerequisite steps are outlined in the VMware AirWatch Installation Guide (VMware provides this documentation to you as part of the on-premises installation process).


Do not uninstall previous versions of Workspace ONE UEM software, including Identity Manager and the UEM console. The upgrade process overwrites the relevant files. Uninstalling existing versions deletes previous configurations from your deployment.

Upgrade Preparations

To prepare for your upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Workspace ONE UEM Configurations
  2. Perform SQL Preparations
  3. Stage Upgrade Files