Product Provisioning allows you to enable profiles, files/actions, and applications to remain on a device following an enterprise reset. Content marked to persist following an enterprise reset reinstalls following the device restart after the agent installs.

Product Persistence is ideal for help-desk type support as it allows the device to be wiped to clear away any problems without needing the device to be re-enrolled and products provisioned again.

Product Persistence for Windows Rugged only applies to Motorola, Honeywell, Psion, Pideon, and Intermec devices running Windows Mobile.

Product Persistence for Android only applies to legacy Motorola, Zebra, and Honeywell devices.

Persistence works as follows.

  1. A device must contain a staging configuration so that the agent and enrollment reinstall following the enterprise reset.

    Staging configurations automatically persist on a device.

  2. Set to persist any profiles, files/actions, or apps that you want to remain on the device after the enterprise reset.
  3. The device resets when the Enterprise Reset command is sent (see Product Management). After resetting, the restore process starts.
  4. The AirWatch Agent for the device reinstalls during the restore process.
  5. After the agent is installed, any persisted profiles, such as Wi-Fi, reinstall.
  6. Any persisted files/actions or apps are reinstalled.