Perform these steps to verify that your Workspace ONE UEM database is ready to upgrade.

Task: Enable Full-Text Search Component (If upgrading from a version below 7.0)

If you are upgrading from AirWatch v7.0 or higher, then this feature should already be enabled. The Global search function of the Workspace ONE UEM console uses full text search indexes and requires the appropriate service to be running on the SQL server. Ensure this component is running on your SQL instance.

On-premises customers will need the following to install the Full-Text feature:

  • Access to the SQL Server installation media.
  • Windows rights to run the media on the server.
  1. RDP into your Workspace ONE UEM database server.
  2. From Programs and Features, run the Microsoft SQL Server program.
  3. Choose Add to add features.


  4. In the SQL Server Setup wizard, select the SQL instance.


  5. In the Feature Selection section, check the Full-Text Search feature.


On Windows Server 2008, the default account assigned to the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service is the Local Service account. SQL Server uses security features available in Windows Server 2008 to provide a high level of security and isolation for the service. For enhanced security, you should not configure the SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service to run under any other account.

Task: Verify SQL User Permissions

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.


  2. Log in to the DB server containing the Workspace ONE UEM database.
  3. Locate your DB user in the Object Explorer by navigating to Security > Logins > {Your DB User}, right-click, and select Properties.
  4. Navigate to the Server Roles tab. Select server role as Public.


  5. Select User Mapping.

    • Select the Workspace ONE UEM Database. Then, select the db_owner role.

      For a successful installation, you must ensure that the SQL User you are planning to run the Workspace ONE UEM Database Script with has the database db_owner role selected.


    • Select the msdb database. Then, select the SQLAgentUserRole and db_datareader roles.


Task: Export and Reimport SQL Jobs (SQL Server AlwaysOn)

If you have deployed SQL AlwaysOn for your database servers, you must export and reimport the required SQL jobs before you upgrade your database servers.

For instructions on exporting and reimporting SQL jobs, see Replicate SQL Agent Jobs on Additional Database Servers .