Enable the Standalone Catalog

Workspace ONE UEM provides a solution for deploying the standalone catalog without requiring users to enroll in full MDM, and no AirWatch Agent is required. Instead, end users can access just MAM applications assigned to an App-Catalog-Only-Organization-Group through the standalone catalog.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE > AirWatch Catalog > Standalone Catalog .
  2. Configure the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Standalone Catalog Enable the Standalone Catalog to prevent users that enroll into the selected App-Catalog-Only-Organization-Group from enrolling into MDM. Configure this setting in the App-Catalog-Only-Organization-Group or in a parent above it.
    Allow New User Registration Enable the Allow New User Registration check box to allow new users to register for access to the Standalone Catalog.
    Enable Email Domain Validation

    Select the Enable Email Domain Validation option to use specified email domains to validate users when they register to access to the Standalone Catalog.

    Enter email domains in the Allowed Email Domains field for the standalone MAM users. End users enter their email addresses and a Group ID to enroll with this Standalone Catalog. Workspace ONE UEM matches the domains entered in this field to the domains of MAM-only users.

    Catalog Title Enter a title in the Catalog Title field.
    Icon Upload an image in the Icon field for the Standalone Catalog.
  3. Select Save.

End users can enroll and select or enter the Group ID of the Catalog-Only-Organization-Group you set up. After finishing enrollment, the standalone catalog profile prompts for install. When finished, it displays on the device.

Unmanaged Devices and the Standalone Catalog

The system creates device records for unmanaged devices enrolled with the standalone catalog in the Workspace ONE UEM console for audit purposes. The status of these devices is App Catalog Only. You cannot track the download status of applications on this device, but you can see a list of all assigned applications. If a user removes the unmanaged profile, Workspace ONE UEM does not remove the application but it does remove the Web clip.

For more topics about the standalone catalog, see Standalone Catalog for MAM Only Deployments.