To configure a Workspace ONE UEM standalone MAM deployment with the standalone catalog, configure a special organization group. Then, add the standalone catalog to that organization group and instruct end users to enroll with the standalone MAM deployment.

  1. Configure an organization group for the standalone MAM deployment. Name the group with a title such as App-Catalog-Only-Organization-Group so you easily recognize the function of the special group. For information on configuring organization groups, see Create Organization Groups in the MDM Guide.
  2. Configure a standalone catalog at the same organization group of the standalone MAM deployment or in a parent group above it.
  3. Send end users their enrollment credentials and the Workspace ONE UEM environment URL so that they can enroll with Workspace ONE UEM. Enrolling pushes the standalone catalog profile to their devices.

For more topics about the standalone catalog, see Standalone Catalog for MAM Only Deployments.