My Dashboard powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence displays data you customize with applied widgets. Display data as graphics and analyze the trends occurring in areas within your Workspace ONE platform by app, device, or operating system (OS) update. Data in this view are consolidated from other dashboards.


Find the dashboard in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console at Dashboards > My Dashboard.

Latest Data Snapshot and Historical Data

My Dashboard can represent the latest data in the reports infrastructure. Workspace ONE Intelligence streams data from the database in the cloud so that the analytics you see are a current picture of the state of your Workspace ONE deployment.

It can also display historical data according to a customizable date range to help analyze trends over time.

Available Metrics

Use widgets to display various metrics for your deployment.

Metric Widget
Asset tracking iOS Device and OS Breakdown
Security Compromised Status by OS Version
Application deployment Most Popular Apps
Windows patches Security Update Status


Define the layout of My Dashboard with widgets. Customize the data, as needed, to display the necessary data to solve problems, analyze deployment health, or view trends in use.

  • Move widgets anywhere on the dashboard.
  • Size widgets.
  • Delete widgets.