Workspace ONE AirLift connects your Active Directory policies to Workspace ONE UEM profiles. This connection allows you to create profiles based on existing policies your business uses.

Exporting Polices to Workspace ONE UEM

The Policies list view allows you to review your existing GPO policies and export them. Workspace ONE UEM combines the exported policies into a single custom profile using MDM policies. You must do all editing, deleting, assigning, and publishing of profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Workspace ONE AirLift Policies List View

The Policies list view automatically populates with existing Active Directory policies. From this page, you can select a policy name to see the existing settings and values of the policy.

Select a GPO name to filter the list view by that GPO.

The Validation column displays the validation status of the policies. This status reflects if the GPO policy has a corresponding MDM policy.
  • Success - The GPO policy maps to a valid MDM policy. You can export a policy with a successful validation.
  • Error - The GPO policy does not map to a valid MDM policy. You cannot export a policy with an error.
  • Warning - The GPO policy maps to a valid MDM policy but has some additional information. This information can include warning you about limited support for policies based on OS version. You can export a policy with a warning.

The Status column displays the Workspace ONE UEM profiles that contain the GPO policy. If you select a link in this column, a new window opens with the profile in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Organizing the Policy List View

To help organize your list of policies, you filter the list view based on the Windows 10 version you are using. This filter limits the displayed policies. Only those policies that map to MDM policies for the filtered OS version display. Use this filter to ensure that you export policies that work with your different device OS versions. The Exportable bar at the top of the list view shows the percentage of the displayed policies that you can successfully export. This bar changes based on your filters.

You can also hide policies you do not plan on exporting. To hide a policy, simply select the policy and then select Hide. You can review the hidden policies from the Hidden tab.