Workspace ONE AirLift connects your ConfigMgr collections to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups. This connection allows you to map devices from your existing collections into Workspace ONE UEM.

Note: Only collections and devices that match the following criteria are displayed:
  • The collections contain at least one Windows 10 device
  • The devices have a ConfigMgr client installed
  • The devices are not marked as obsolete

Mapping a collection to a smart group allows you to begin enrolling devices into Workspace ONE UEM. The mapping honors the dynamic nature of device collections by adding and removing devices in the mapped Workspace ONE UEM smart group while the mapping exists. Mapping collections does not enable Workspace ONE UEM management functionality directly. You must enroll devices to begin using modern management. Mapping only creates a relationship between collections, organization groups, and smart groups.

Workspace ONE AirLift displays your ConfigMgr collections and their migration progress to modern management in Workspace ONE UEM.

If a collection mapping is removed or is the migration is completed and the ConfigMgr collection is no longer used, Workspace ONE AirLift does not display the collection as mapped. See the state of your collections in Workspace ONE AirLift in the Collections tab.

The Management column shows the management state of the collection.

  • SCCM - ConfigMgr manages the collection.
  • Co-existing - the collection is mapped to a Workspace ONE UEM smart group and enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM can begin.

The Workspace Mapping column shows which Workspace ONE UEM smart group the collection is mapped to. To open the smart group in the Workspace ONE UEM console, select the mapping.

The Enrollment Progress column shows the percentage of the collection that has completed the enrollment process.

Map a Collection to Workspace ONE UEM

To begin the transition to modern management, map your ConfigMgr collections to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups. This mapping connects ConfigMgr managed devices to Workspace ONE UEM while maintaining your device membership in ConfigMgr.

  1. In Workspace ONE AirLift, navigate to the Collections tab. Select the check box next to the collection you want to map then select Map.
  2. In the Map to Workspace ONE dialog, complete the settings.
    Setting Description
    ConfigMgr Collection (Display Only) This value is the collection you selected previously.
    Workspace ONE Organization Group Select the Organization Group that manages the smart group you want to map your collection to. This option allows you to create hierarchies in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    Workspace ONE Group

    Select the Workspace ONE UEM smart group to which you want to map your collection.

    Manually entering a smart group creates a new smart group in Workspace ONE UEM.

  3. Select Save.

    The collection now displays a co-existing state.

Remove a Mapping from Workspace ONE AirLift

When the need arises, remove a mapping from a collection in Workspace ONE AirLift to break the relationship between a collection and a smart group.

  1. In Workspace ONE AirLift, navigate to the Collections tab.
  2. Select the collection that you want to remove the mapping from.
  3. Select Map.
  4. In the Map to Workspace ONE window, select Remove.
  5. In the Remove Mapping prompt, select whether you want to keep any devices in their Workspace ONE UEM smart group.
    1. If you select Yes, the device remains in the smart group.
    2. If you select No, the device is removed from the smart group. The device remains in Workspace ONE UEM, but all profiles, applications, and tags associated with the smart group are removed.
  6. Select Remove.

    Workspace ONE AirLift now removes the relationship between the collection and the smart group.