Workspace ONE AirLift enrollment allows ConfigMgr and Workspace ONE UEM to co-exist. This process moves the device to a co-existing state.

You must first map your ConfigMgr collections to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups.

Configure the Workspace ONE AirLift Enrollment Application

To enroll your Windows 10 devices into Workspace ONE UEM using Workspace ONE AirLift, you must configure the enrollment application. This process involves switching between Workspace ONE AirLift, Workspace ONE UEM, and ConfigMgr.

This task is only for those users who either do not have an enrollment application configured or want to create a new enrollment app.
Note: Workspace ONE AirLift utilizes the provided ConfigMgr credentials to create the enrollment app programmatically. Advanced logging or monitoring of the ConfigMgr infrastructure may detect and log this usage and the credentials if configured to do so.
  1. In Workspace ONE AirLift, navigate to Settings > Enrollment.
  2. Set Use Existing Enrollment Application to No.
  3. Configure the following settings:
    Setting Description
    Application Name Enter a name for the enrollment application
    Organizational Group Select an organizational group from the drop-down menu.
    Staging User Enter the staging user name.
    Staging User Password Enter the staging user password.
    Enrollment Server URL Enter your Workspace ONE UEM enrollment URL.
    Include Workspace ONE App Select to download the Workspace ONE app as part of enrollment.
    Include ConfigMgr Integration Client If you are enrolling Windows 10 devices running a version of Windows 10 before 1709 and a version of ConfigMgr before 1709, select to download the ConfigMgr Integration Client as part of enrollment. Otherwise, do not select this option.
    Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Install Command Line Select Show to display the command line.
    Content Location Enter the file path for the enrollment application.
    Distribution Selection Set the distribution selection to Auto or Manual.If you select manual, you must select the distribution servers or groups in ConfigMgr.

    Your enrollment application is ready for use in Workspace ONE AirLift.

Enroll Collections into Workspace ONE AirLift

After creating an enrollment application, enroll your devices into Workspace ONE UEM. This enrollment process adds your Windows 10 devices to Workspace ONE UEM and enables them to receive profiles, apps, and more.

  1. In Workspace ONE AirLift, navigate the Collections tab.
  2. Select the collection you want to enroll and select Enroll. Only a collection that is mapped to a
  3. Workspace ONE UEM smart group can enroll devices into Workspace ONE UEM.
  4. Review the information displayed and select Enroll.

    Enrollment into Workspace ONE UEM begins on the Windows 10 devices in the collection selected.