AirWatch Container offers a flexible approach to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management by pushing a secure work space to a personal device. Businesses can distribute Workspace ONE UEM applications and internal applications to the AirWatch Container for employees to use on their mobile devices.

Applications are visible inside and outside the AirWatch Container, but the enterprise applications are secure through a common SDK framework and a container passcode. These apps can interact seamlessly using single sign on authentication and can connect securely to the Internet through an app tunnel VPN. For instructions on how to use the AirWatch Container on a device, see the VMware AirWatch Container User Guide for iOS or the VMware AirWatch Container User Guide for Android.

Note: The AirWatch Container application for iOS and Android will reach End of General Support on August 9th, 2020. For more information about the end of life announcement, see End of General Support for AirWatch Container.

Business Friendly

Create a practical and convenient solution for both businesses and employees.

  • Cost-effective for employers – There is no need to buy or distribute corporate devices. Corporate data can be managed and monitored from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  • Separation between work and play – Personal data is separated from corporate data. AirWatch Container cannot track personal information and does not have the ability to wipe any personal items.
  • Intuitive user experience – Add custom branding and customize menus. Allow users to seamlessly access apps without entering credentials every time.

Easily Managed

Take advantage of Workspace ONE UEM capabilities while allowing employees to use their devices freely.

  • Works with a hybrid device deployment – Add AirWatch Container functionality to your current deployment. Add devices to the desired organization group to adopt the settings from that group.
  • Uses application-level management – Productivity tools are granted to end users through Workspace ONE UEM apps and internal apps that are wrapped. These can be managed at the app-level rather than the device level.
  • No MDM Required – End users do not have to worry about MDM restrictions. Employees can feel comfortable maintaining a single device for all their needs.

Security and Encryption

Standardize security and data loss prevention strategies across mobile devices.

  • Enforces Passcode/Encryption only within AirWatch Container – Set complex passcodes that do not intrude on personal use because encryption is only enforced locally within the applications. iOS devices are secured with FIPS 140-2 encryption and allows for the use of Touch ID or EyeVerify.
  • Prevents data leakage outside of the app– Use Workspace ONE UEM security controls built into Workspace ONE UEM apps, third-party integrated apps, wrapped apps, Web Clips and Bookmarks.
  • Incorporates email – With AirWatch Inbox or IBM Notes Traveler on Android devices, end users can access email from their secure AirWatch Container instead of having to maintain two devices.