Once AirWatch Container is enabled and users begin to enroll their personal devices, the UEM console detects those devices and displays the information on the Device Dashboard. Search for specific devices in your fleet that are AirWatch Container-only and perform AirWatch Container-specific actions on those devices.

Important: When users unenroll from AirWatch Container, they must unenroll the app before deleting it. If AirWatch Container is simply deleted, the users' devices are still tracked in the UEM console.

Locate a single device from either the Device Dashboard or by searching for the device using the Global Search feature. Use the Filters to find all AirWatch Container-only devices if desired. The List View screen provides device information. From here, select multiple devices or select a specific device to perform applicable remote actions.

Lock SSO

End any current app sessions and prompt user to enter their passcode again.

If a user is no longer with the organization or if their device is lost or stolen, take immediate action and lock the SSO session. This forces the user to enter their credentials again.

Clear SSO Passcode

Clear the current passcode used to sign into apps and prompt the user to enter a new one.

Forgetting a passcode is the most common issue users face, but it is also the easiest to rectify. Use this action to reset a user's passcode and create a new one.

Enterprise Wipe

Unenroll the user from AirWatch Container and remove any application data from internal apps using the AirWatch SDK.

Similar to the Device Lock feature, Enterprise Wipe can be used if a device is lost or stolen. More than simply ending an SSO session, an enterprise wipe removes all organization-related content and features.

When a device is unenrolled from AirWatch Container, all internal apps and public apps remain on the device, but the data from the internal applications is deleted if theapps use the AirWatch SDK.

Push Email Profile

Send a newly configured or updated email profile to the device for access within AirWatch Container.

Email access is often a user's primary need when it comes to access on-the-go. Use the Push Email Profile action to send down new email credentials or updated credentials to ensure access is never lost.

Push Notifications

Send messages directly from the UEM console to AirWatch Container.

Send important notifications to end users' devices.