1. Navigate to Groups and Settings > All Settings > Apps > Container.
  2. Select whether to Inherit or Override.
    • Inherit – Use the settings of the current organization group's parent OG.
    • Override – Edit and modify the current organization group's settings directly.
  3. Configure the relevant settings:
    Setting Description

    Select to set iOS device system preferences.

    Android Select to set Android device system preferences.
    Application Type

    Leave the application type as System or select Internal to set system preferences.

    • System – Download this app type from an app store.
    • Internal– Upload this app type to the UEM console.
    Application Name

    Provide an app name for Internal applications.

    Navigate to Apps & Books > Internal List View and scan the list for an app name that matches the app name you entered. This list view only displays internal applications were uploaded with a matching APNs certificate.

    Bundle ID

    Review the auto-populated field. This Bundle ID matches the application bundle ID that was uploaded internally or selected from the drop-down menu.

  4. Save.