Run the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector installer on your configured server that meets all of the prerequisites.


On-premises customers should ensure the server you are installing VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector on can reach AWCM by browsing to "https://{url}:<port>/awcm/status", where {url} is the Workspace ONE UEM environment URL and <port> is the external port you configured for AWCM to communicate.

SaaS customers should ensure the server you are installing VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector on can reach AWCM by browsing to "". (Replace 'XXX' with the same number as used in your environment URL, for example, '100' for cn100.). If your server fails to connect to the AWCM URL, ensure that the URL matches the URL provided in your onboarding documents.

Note: If you previously used the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and you want to install the AirWatch Cloud Connector on the same server, you must download the VMware Identity Manager Connector installer and run it again before running the AirWatch Cloud Connector installer.

You should see the status of the AWCM with no SSL errors. If there are errors, resolve them before continuing or the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector will not properly function.


  1. Open the installer on the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector server. When the Welcome screen appears, select Next.

    The installer verifies prerequisites on your VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector server.

    If a previous version of VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector is installed, the installer auto-detects it and offers the option to upgrade to the latest version. For more information on updating VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector, see VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector Updates.

  2. Accept the license agreement and then select Next.
  3. Select Change... to select the installation directory and then select Next.
  4. Enter the Certificate Password that you provided on the System Settings page in Workspace ONE UEM. Select Next.
  5. If you plan on proxying VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector traffic through an outbound proxy, then select the check box and provide proxy server information. If needed, enter the Username and Password credentials and then select Next.
  6. When the installation screen appears, select Install to begin the installation.
    The installer displays a checkbox for auto-updating VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector. For more information on auto-update, see VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector Upgrades.
  7. Select Finish.