Before configuring classes in the UEM console, understand how devices are assigned and distributed in classrooms.


Distribute one-to-one devices to students and teachers for use in their classes.

Optionally, use the standard Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management configuration to deploy apps to your devices.

Image showing one-to-one distribution of sudents and teachers.

Enable AirWatch School Manager Functionality

AirWatch School Manager must be enabled so that it can manage the devices you assign to it.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Education.The Education user interface displays options for enabling education features, with the Apple and Education button highlighted.
  2. Complete the School Manager settings.
    Setting Description
    Enable Education Features Select Enabled to activate Education features.
    Class Source

    Select Apple to manage your devices with Apple School Manager.

    Select Workspace ONE UEM to manage your devices with AirWatch School Manager.

    Set Maximum Resident Users Choose the maximum number of users that can be cached on each shared device. If this number is exceeded, the device will remove the profile that is least frequently used.
  3. Set the Child Permission for Organization Groups that are added below the current group.
  4. Select Save to enable AirWatch School Manager.

AirWatch School Manager Console Overview

To begin configuring your AirWatch School Manager deployment, log in to the Workspace ONE UEM console, where you can set up your deployment, manage devices, and monitor your devices.

To view the AirWatch School Manager in the Workspace ONE UEM console, select your organization group and navigate to Hub > Education > Overview.

Under the Getting Started heading, complete the steps provided in the walkthrough:

  • Configure APNs
  • Configure VPP
  • Configure Device Enrollment Program

Create a Restrictions Profile for Education Devices

Devices configured with Apple School Manager or AirWatch School Manager can support additional restrictions related to the use of iOS devices in a classroom setting. These restrictions only appear on the Restrictions Profile Configuration page if you have Education enabled at the Organization Group you want to configure.
  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > Add. Select Apple iOS.
  2. Configure the profile's General settings.
  3. Select the Restrictions payload from the list.You can select multiple restrictions as part of a single restrictions payload.
  4. Configure Classroom 2.0 Education Restrictions settings. The Restriction profile user interface displays options for education features, with the Restrictions and Education options highlighted.
    Restriction Description Version
    Force unprompted screen observation for managed classes Enable this setting to allow instructors to view student devices remotely in an managed classroom. iOS 10.3+ Supervised
    Allow unprompted app and device lock in unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow instructors to restrict access to apps and devices in an unmanaged classroom. iOS 11+ Supervised
    Allow automatic joining of unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow student devices to join an unmanaged class group automatically. iOS 11+ Supervised
    Force Students to request to leave unmanaged classes Enable this setting to allow students who are part of unmanaged classes in the classroom app to request permission from teacher to leave the class. iOS 11.3+ Supervised

Configure One-to-One Deployments for AirWatch School Manager Devices

Assign one-to-one devices to your users in the classroom, so that each user has a dedicated device to use.

  1. In the UEM console, navigate to Hub > Education > Class List.
  2. Select Add Class to create new classes.
  3. Select Enrollment Users to view teachers and students to add to classes.
  4. Select the pencil icon to edit classes.
  5. Save changes to class lists.

AirWatch School Manager Application Use Overview

Applications are purchased through Apple's Volume Purchase Program and assigned to devices.

Apps on One-to-One Devices

Push apps to each device.


  • Apps through the Apps & Books tab in the UEM console.
Image showing One-to-one distribution of Apps and Apps is pushed to each device.