You can use AirWatch applications in addition to Workspace ONE UEM MDM features to further secure devices and configure them with added functionality.

Two features you can use for advanced app management are Software Development Kits (SDKs) and App Wrapping. Both enable you to integrate the same MDM functionality provided by AirWatch into your own internal applications. SDKs must be developed new, and let you perform more extensive device, application, and content management. App wrapping, by contrast, gives you the ability to inject functionality into internal apps without the need for development or code changes. Both serve to bolster the security of internal applications and thus increase their value to your company.

Important: VMware productivity apps (Browser, Boxer, Content Locker, etc) are not supported with Android (Legacy) Knox container deployments, such as Dual Persona or Container Only Mode, due to technical limitations with Knox container data separation. The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub manages the container from the outside, and is not able to communicate with apps on the inside. Since the apps require a direct link to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in order to communicate with the Workspace ONE UEM console, the apps cannot be configured inside the container. In order to use productivity apps with Knox, the device must be enrolled using Android Enterprise on a device running Knox 3.x or higher.