The Android Platform OEM (POEM) Service is a service kit app that allows VMware AirWatch to provide extended management capabilities to generic Android devices.

When a customer has chosen a more cost-effective or "off brand" Android device to support their business need, the chances that the Workspace ONE UEM console supports advanced enterprise management features is very low, so the POEM Service allows customers to use these devices and support certain features which require minimal effort from the OEM or the customer.

Android Platform OEM (POEM) Features

Version Features
  • Silent App installation, uninstallation, and updates.
  • Silent Device Administrator Activation on launch.
  • Silent Device Administrator of Hub during Auto Enrollment (client SDK)
  • Date/Time configuration (date format, time format, time zone, server time, SNTP, HTTP URL, or Auto).
  • Toggle Bluetooth on/off with the Disable Bluetooth restriction.
  • Enable/Disable installation from unknown sources on 5.0 Lollipop and above.
  • Device Reboot
  • Silent Certificate Install/removal
  • App whitelist - add/update/remove
  • App blacklist - add/update/remove, including system apps
  • Enable/Disable Google Play
  • Enable/Disable USB
  • Set & Get Default Launcher
  • Configure, update, remove, set default APN
  • OS Upgrade
  • Enable/Disable SD Card
  • Send full device logs via Hub menu
  • Migration from Legacy Rugged Service
  • Allow SD card
  • Collect a rolling system log
  • Enabled Notification access for AirWatch Launcher
  • Automatically grant Usage Access for Launcher (requires Launcher 4.0.1 or higher)
  • Bug Fixes