The OEM Service app is a plug-in app that is only installed and used in combination with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enrollment. It allows for additional MDM capabilities that only pertain to a specific OEM device.

After you enroll, Workspace ONE UEM automatically detects if the device can take advantage of additional device capabilities, and deploys an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific service application to your Android device.

Important: To install the Samsung Service App, enable Push Service App from Play Store in the Workspace ONE UEM console under Devices > Device Settings > Android > Service Applications Service Applications. Otherwise, end users must first enable Allow Non-Market Applications in device settings. For more information on the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android, please see Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android.

Samsung Enterprise License Management (ELM) Service

New enrollments for Samsung devices will begin using the new non-platform key signed Samsung Enterprise License Management (ELM)Service 3.0 application available on the Play Store. The Samsung Service application will no longer be platform-signed with the introduction of the new Enterprise License Management (ELM) APIs. The Samsung ELM Service 3.0 is a server-based access control mechanism for MDM administrators to access the Samsung Knox Standard (SAFE) APIs. These APIs support devices running SAFE 4.0+ only.

The current service on the Play Store, Service 2.2, will continue to remain on the Store for devices running SAFE 3.0 and below. This new application will support new APIs for SAFE 4.0, as well as Knox 2.0 and Knox 2.1.