The passcode policy requires users to protect their devices with a passcode each time they return from an idle state. This policy ensures that all sensitive corporate information on managed devices remains protected.

The complexity of the passcode can vary. You can set simple passcodes so that users can quickly access device content or set complex alphanumeric passcodes for an added layer of security. Fingerprint authentication can be set as a primary method of authentication but most devices require a backup to also be entered when using fingerprint.

Important: For Samsung devices supporting Fingerprint Authentication, it is required for the device to have a backup password. If the device already has a passcode prior to enrolling, and a fingerprint passcode requirement is enforced from the Workspace ONE UEM console, the end user will be prompted to set a complex passcode as a back up.

You can enforce two types of passcode policies: one for devices and another for access to applications in the event there is a container on a device.