The Android Updates console page lists all firmware updates available for Android devices and allows you to view specific firmware versions and select to prompt the user to install the update.


  1. Navigate to Devices Device Updates.
  2. View and select the radio button beside the desired update.
  3. Select Manage Update.
  4. Configure the settings:
    Settings Description
    Install Method Select Auto Installto select the timeframe to schedule updates. Select Install on Demand and users are prompted to accept firmware updates before it is installed on their device.
    Deployment Start Schedule the start date and time for update.

    Updates can be scheduled no more than 30 days in advance with a maximum update window of 7 days. Updates within this window will be published to devices every 4 hours in the server time zone.

    Deployment End Schedule the end date and time for update.
    Server Time Zone This field is read only as it generates from the server.
    Network Select whether to deploy the updates when the devices are connected to Wi-Fi Only or Any network connection.
  5. Select Publish. The Manage Updates window closes and the UEM console returns to the Updates page.
    1. If for some reason you need to cancel or change the update, select the desired update and select Cancel Schedule from the Manage Update window.
    Since the updates are batched into device groups, previous updated devices cannot be revoked.