The Migration Details pages allow you to track the migration by migration group, details, status, and list view of devices included in migration.

Legacy Android Migration List View

The Legacy Android Migration List View automatically displays after you create a new migration page. The list view helps you to view all the real-time updates of your end user devices that you are migrating with the Workspace ONE UEM console. The list view allows you to:
  • Edit specific migrations by selecting the radio button on the desired migration friendly name. You can update the migration for new devices added to the Smart Group by selecting Edit.
  • Delete migration groups which prevents devices in queue from migrating from Legacy Android by withdrawing the persistent notification. Android Work Profile is not removed from devices that have already migrated.
  • Search and narrow down a device using the Search option.

Legacy Android Migration Details Page

The Migration Details page is accessed by selecting a migration Friendly Name from the Legacy Android Migration List View with the Workspace ONE UEM console to review the status of the migration. You can view a graphical overview, status, and reason for the migration failing or succeeding.

Use the Migration Details page to push the migration command to the device with the Retry button if the migration fails.

Customize a message to the devices in the migration batch with the Notify button. Configure the field as followed:
  • Message Type: Select the message type (email, SMS, or push) that Workspace ONE UEM uses for this template.
  • Subject: Enter the message subject.
  • Message Body: Enter the message Workspace ONE UEM displays on the end-user devices for each message type.