To provide an intuitive end user experience for the migration, this page will guide you through a successful migration. Not completing these steps could result in a failed migration or users not being able to access all apps they need.

Software Requirements

  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM 2006 or later
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.05 for Android and Zebra MX Service 4.8 for Android.

If using APF files for enrollment or Hub Upgrade, the Device Administrator (Android (Legacy)), listed as DA, version of the APF file should be used for enrollment, and the Work Managed (Android Enterprise), listed as DO, version should be used for upgrade.

Device Requirements

Zebra device running Android 7 and higher and MXMF 7 and higher. The device should be enrolled in Android Legacy (Device Administrator) mode.

Google Accounts

Google accounts cannot be present on the device, as it will cause migration to fail. Remove any Google accounts before migrating.

Migration Certificate

Contact Zebra support to retrieve a certificate for your company, which is required from a security perspective to ensure the integrity of the migration. Certificates typically have a short lifespan (30-90 days). The certificate should be a .pem format.

Zebra may request the following information for the certificate generation:

  • App performing the migration: Zebra MX Service
  • App being migrated to Work Managed: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android
  • Customer Name

Android EMM Registration

Set up Android EMM Registration in your environment to enable enrollment and migration of devices into Android Enterprise. For more information, see Registering Android with Workspace ONE UEM.

Profiles and Products

Android Enterprise profiles are separate from device administrator, or Android (Legacy) profiles. You must re-create profiles for Android enterprise. These profiles are available for configuration after completing the Android enterprise registration.

Profiles will need to be recreated as Android, and the Product containing legacy profiles should be modified or deactivated and replaced.

Migration Eligibility

Two new custom attributes, and, are reported to the console. If has a value of 'true' then the device is capable of migration. The console will automatically check this attribute prior to sending a migration command to the device. If the value is 'false' then please check for further guidance.

Smart Groups

Migrations are assigned to Smart Groups. Create groups as needed for your migration plans.