To allow some Android devices to enroll into Workspace ONE UEM without Google services, you must enable Registered Mode

Devices enrolled through the Intelligent Hub app are MDM managed by default. To allow some Android devices to enroll without MDM management you must enable the unmanaged mode for a smart group.

The selection criteria available is OS version, ownership type, and user group.

In the unmanaged enrollment, users can access applications that require a basic level of security. When users try to access an app that requires management, users are guided through the MDM enrollment process. You use the adaptive management app policies to control device management levels for Android devices enrolled without management.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, select the organization group to be enabled with unmanaged enrollment and navigate to the Devices > Devices Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Management Mode page.
  2. In Current Settings, click Override.
  3. For Android, select Enabled.
  4. In Smart Groups, add the smart group that is enabled for unmanaged enrollments.
  5. Click Save.


Users with Android devices from the configured smart group are entitled unmanaged access to apps. Users can use the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to access applications that require a basic level of security without the device being enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Device Management.