You can manually create user accounts for your entire enterprise outside of the Workspace ONE UEM console by either using either the Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) tool or the Google Admin Console. To access the Google Admin Console , you can click the link provided in the setup wizard. You will need to contact Google for further instructions on how to use the console.

The GCDS method requires you to use similar settings as the AirWatch Directory Services. Access the Directory Services settings by navigating to Groups & Settings ► All Settings ► System ► Enterprise Integration ► Directory Services.

You can access the GCDS tool by clicking the link posted in the setup wizard or by downloading the tool directly to your computer from the Google Support page.

The GDCS tool allows you to manually create Google accounts for every employee in your enterprise in one bulk creation. The accounts are created by synchronizing with the information stored from your VMware Workspace ONE Directory Services.

Note: The information discussed here is up to date as of latest version of GCDS v4.4.0 for March 2017.


  1. Select the link from the setup wizard or download the GDCS tool directly from Google.
  2. Open the tool from your desktop and select User Accounts and Groups to synchronize.
  3. Select the Google Apps Configuration tab and enter the following:
    1. Enter Primary Domain Name.
    2. Select to Replace domain names in LDAP email address (of users and groups) with this domain name. This will ensure that all user email addresses match the domain name.
  4. Select the Authorize Now button.
  5. Follow the steps to continue the authorization process when the Authorize Google Apps Directory Sync dialog displays.
    1. Sign-in to your Android admin account.
    2. Enter the verification received in email.
    3. Select Validate to confirm these settings.
  6. Select the LDAP Configuration tab to enter the connection settings to sync the AirWatch Directory Services with Google. From here, you can enter the same settings saved in the AirWatch Directory Services to sync with this tool. To access these settings, navigate to Groups & Settings ► All Settings ► System ► Enterprise Integration ► Directory Services.
  7. Select Test Connection. If the sync is successful, this will auto create the linked Active Directory accounts and corporate Google accounts in Google.
    You will be directed back to the setup wizard to finish setup.