The Devices Details Apps Tab in the Workspace ONE UEM console contains options to control public applications by device. You can view apps that have been assigned in the UEM console and personal apps based on the enrollment type and privacy configurations.

Admins can view information about the application including the installation status, the application type, the application version, and the application identifier.

The Install option from the actions menu lets you select the assigned apps from the list view and directly push to the device. The Remove option from the actions menu to uninstall the application silently off the device.

Work Profile enrollments only display apps assigned by the admin and will not display personal applications installed by the user. Work Managed enrollments display all applications because Workspace ONE UEM has full control of the device, and there is no concept of personal applications. For a COPE enrollment, the device details apps tab display managed applications, which include internal applications that are install on the personal side by default.

The Workspace ONE UEM console will not show apps that cannot be launched by users. The UEM console reports the status of apps that have a Launcher icon that the user can click on and open. Therefore, background apps or service applications are not shown in device details.