The QR code enrollment method sets up and configures Work Managed Device and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) modes by scanning a QR code generated with the Enrollment Configuration Wizard or from any QR code generator, such as Web Toolkit Online.


To use the UEM console to create the QR code, see the Enrollment Configuration Wizard (Devices > Lifecycle > Staging > List View > Configure Enrollment). For more information on the Enrollment Configuration Wizard, see, Generate a QR Code Using the Enrollment Configuration Wizard.

Important: This enrollment flow is available for Managed Google Play and Managed Google Domain users. This enrollment flow is supported on Android 7.0+ devices.


  1. Power on the factory reset or out of the box device. The setup wizard prompts the user to tap the Welcome screen six times.The taps have to be done in the same place on the screen.
    1. For Android 8.0+ devices, proceed to step 2 in order to download the QR code reader.
    2. For Android 9.0+ devices, the camera will open automatically after you complete the six taps.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi and the setup wizard automatically downloads a QR code reader. The QR code reader app automatically starts once complete.
  3. Scan your QR code. For Android 9.0+ devices, use the QR code option on the camera to scan. You can use any online QR code generator, such as Web Toolkit Online, to create your unique QR code. For more information, see Configuring Work Managed Device Enrollment.
    QR Code Text Format
    "": false,"": "Your_SSID","": "Password",
    {"serverurl": "Server URL",
    "gid": "Group ID",
  4. The setup wizard automatically downloads the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and automatically configures the Server URL, Group ID, Username, and Password as specified in the generated QR code.
    Note: When Server, Group ID, Username, and Password are all included in the configuration, any additional enrollment prompts are skipped by the Hub
  5. Enter the user credentials of not previously configured in the QR code.
    If enrollment was successful, the My Device page displays on the device. All profiles and applications start to push automatically to the device.

    The Workspace ONE UEM console reports the status of Android on the users devices. You can check the Details View page to verify the device enrolled in Work Managed Mode successfully.