These features matrices are a representative overview of the key OS specific functionality available, highlighting the most important features available for device administration for Android.

Feature Work Profile

Work Managed


Application Control
Disable Access to Blacklisted Apps
Prevent uninstallation of Required Applications
Enable System Update Policy  
Runtime Permissions Management
Allow Cookies
Allow Images
Enable Javascript
Allow Pop-Ups
Allow Track Location
Configure Proxy Settings
Force Google SafeSearch
Force YouTube Safety Mode
Enable Touch to Search
Enable Default Search Provider
Enable Password Manager
Enable alternate error pages
Enable Autofill
Enable Printing
Enable Data Compression Proxy Feature
Enable Safe Browsing
Disable saving browser history
Prevent Proceeding After Safe Browsing Warning
Disable SPDY protocol
Enable network prediction
Enable Deprecated Web Platform Features For a Limited Time
Force Safe Search
Incognito Mode Availability
Allows sign in to Chromium
Enable Search Suggestion
Enable Translate
Allow Bookmarks
Allow Access to Certain URLs
Block Access to Certain URLs
Set Minimum SSL Version
Passcode Policy
Have User Set New Passcode
Maximum failed password attempts
Allow Simple Passcode
Alphanumeric password Allowed
Set Device Lock timeout (in minutes)
Set Maximum Passcode Age
Password History Length
Password History Length
Set Minimum Passcode Length
Set Minimum Number of Numerical Digits
Set Minimum Number of Lower Case Letters
Set Minimum Number of Upper Case Letters
Set Minimum Number of Upper Case Letters
Set Minimum Number of Special Characters
Set Minimum Number of Symbols
Allow Enterprise Wipe
Allow Device Wipe  
Allow Container or Profile Wipe  
Allow SD Card Wipe  
Lock Device
Allow Lock Container or Profile    
Native Email Configuration
Allow Contacts and Calendar Sync
Configure VPN Types
Enable Per-app VPN (Only available for specific VPN clients)
Use Web Logon for Authentication (Only available for specific VPN clients)
Set HTTP Global Proxy
Allow Data Connection to Wi-Fi
Always on VPN
Require Full Device Encryption

Report Encryption Status