This matrix provides a representational overview of the restrictions profile configurations available by device ownership type.

Feature Work Managed Device mode

Work Profile mode

Device Functionality
Allow Factory Reset

Allow Screen Capture
Allow Adding Google Accounts
Allow Removing the Android Work Account  
Allow Outgoing Phone Calls  
Allow Send/Receive SMS  
Allow Credentials Changes  
Allow All Keyguard Features  
Allow Keyguard Camera  
Allow Keyguard Notifications  
Allow Keyguard Fingerprint Sensor
Allow Keyguard Trust Hub State
Allow Keyguard Unredacted Notifications  
Force Screen On when Plugged In on AC Charger (Android 6.0+)  
Force Screen On when Plugged In on USB Charger (Android 6.0+)  
Force Screen On when Plugged In on Wireless Charger (Android 6.0+)  
Allow Wallpaper Change (Android 7.0+)  
Allow Status Bar  
Allow Keyguard (Android 6.0+)  
Allow Adding Users    
Allow Removing Users    
Allow Safe Boot (Android 6.0+)  
Allow Wallpaper Change (Android 7.0+)    
Allow User Icon Change (Android 7.0+)
Allow Adding/Deleting Accounts
Prevent System UI (Toasts, Activities, Alerts, Errors, Overlays)
Allow Camera
Allow Google Play
Allow Chrome Browser  
Allow Non-Market App Installation
Allow Modifying Application In Settings  
Allow Installing Applications
Allow Uninstalling Applications
Allow Disabling Application Verification
Skip user tutorial and introductory hints
Allow Whitelist Accessibility Services  
Sync and Storage
Allow USB Debugging  
Allow USB Mass Storage****  
Allow Mounting Physical Storage Media  
Allow USB File Transfer  
Allow Backup Service (Android 8.0+)****    
Allow Wi-Fi changes  
Allow Bluetooth Pairing
Allow Bluetooth (Android 8.0+)  
Allow Bluetooth Contact Sharing (Android 8.0+)*****  
Allow Outgoing Bluetooth Connections*****
Allow All Tethering  
Allow VPN Changes  
Allow Mobile Network Changes  
Allow NFC  
Allow Managed Wi-Fi Profile Changes (Android 6.0+)  
Work and Personal
Allow Pasting Clipboard Between Work and Personal Apps  
Allow Works Apps To Access Documents From Personal Apps  
Allow Personal Apps to Access Documents From Work Apps  
Allow Personal Apps to Share Documents With Work Apps  


Allow Work Apps to Share Documents With Personal Apps    
Allow Work Contact's Caller ID Info to Show in Phone Dialer  
Allow Work Widgets To Be Added To Personal Home Screen  
Allow Work Contacts in Personal Contacts App (Android 7.0+)    
Location Services
Applies to Managed devices only.    
Allow No Location Access
Allow Location Access
Allow GPS Location Only
Allow Battery Saving Location Updates Only
Allow High Accuracy Location Only
Samsung Knox

The Samsung Knox settings only displays for when the OEM Settings field is toggled to Enabled and Samsung is selected from the Select OEM field.

Device Functionality
Allow Airplane Mode  
Allow Microphone  
Allow Mock Locations  
Allow Clipboard  
Allow Power Off  
Allow Home Key  
Allow Audio Recording if Microphone is Allowed  
Allow Video Recording if Camera is Allowed  
Allow Email Account Removal  
Allow Ending Activity When Left Idle  
Allow User to Set Background Process Limit  
Allow Headphones  
Sync and Storage
Allow SD Card Move  
Allow OTA Upgrade  
Allow Google Accounts Auto Sync  
Allow SD Card Write  
Allow USB Host Storage  
Allow Settings Changes  
Allow Developer Options  
Allow Background Data  
Allow Voice Dialer  
Allow Google Crash Report  
Allow S Beam  
Allow Prompt for Credentials  
Allow S Voice  
Allow User To Stop System Signed Applications  
Allow Desktop Connectivity Via Bluetooth  
Allow Bluetooth Data Transfer  
Allow Outgoing calls via Bluetooth  
Allow Bluetooth Discoverable Mode  
Enable Bluetooth Secure Mode  
Allow Wi-Fi  
Allow Wi-Fi Profiles  
Allow Unsecure Wi-Fi  
Allow Only Secure VPN Connections  
Allow VPN  
Allow Auto Connection Wi-Fi  
Allow Cellular Data  
Allow Wi-Fi Direct  
Allow Automatic Sync on Roaming  
Allow Auto Sync When Roaming Is Disabled  
Allow Roaming Voice Calls  
Data Usage on Roaming  
Allow Push Messages on Roaming  
Phone & Data
Allow Non-Emergency Calls  
Allow User to Set Mobile Data Limit  
Allow WAP Push  
Hardware Restrictions
Allow Menu Key  
Allow Back Key  
Allow Search Key  
Allow Task Manager  
Allow System Bar  
Allow Volume Key  


Allow Lock Screen Settings  
Allow Firmware Recovery  
Allow USB Tethering  
MMS Restrictions
Allow Incoming MMS  
Allow Outgoing MMS  
Set Device Font  
Set Device Font Size  
Allow User to Stop System Signed Applications  
Allow Only Secure VPN Connections