All users in your enterprise using Android need Google accounts created to connect with their devices. This final step in the Android EMM Registration wizard allows you to determine which setup method you prefer for creating users.

You have two options for creating users under Android:

  • Allow Workspace ONE UEM to automatically create Google accounts during enrollment.
  • Create users manually by logging into the Google Admin Console or using the Google Active Directory Sync Tool (GADS).

The format for the user name is username@<your_enterprise_domain>.com.


  1. Enable one of the following options to determine how users are set up:
    • Create Google account during enrollment based on enrolled user's email address.
    • Use SAML for Authentication - Enable SAML for the enrollment process.
    • Use SAML for Google Account Authentication - To use this method, configure single sign-on by navigating to Security > Single sign on in the Google Admin Console.
    If auto create users is not enabled with one of the above methods, the Workspace ONE UEM console directs you to the alternative method of creating Google accounts by the Google Active Directory Sync Tool or the Google Admin Console.
  2. Use the Test Connection option which checks for proper communication with Google.
  3. Select Save.