Autodiscovery Enrollment

Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch makes the enrollment process simple, using an email-based autodiscovery system to enroll devices to environments and organization groups (OG). Autodiscovery can also be used to allow end users to authenticate into the Self-Service Portal (SSP).

Note: To enable an autodiscovery for on-premises environments, ensure that your environment can communicate with the Workspace ONE UEM Autodiscovery servers.

Registration for Autodiscovery Enrollment

The server checks for an email domain uniqueness, only allowing a domain to be registered at one organization group in one environment. Because of this server check, register your domain at your highest-level organization group.

Autodiscovery is configured automatically for new Software as a Service (SaaS) customers.

Configure Autodiscovery Enrollment from a Parent Organization Group

Autodiscovery Enrollment simplifies the enrollment process enrolling devices to intended environments and organization groups (OG) using end-user email addresses.

Configure an autodiscovery enrollment from a parent OG by taking the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Admin > Cloud Services and enable the Auto Discovery setting. Enter your login email address in Auto Discovery AirWatch ID and select Set Identity.

    1. If necessary, navigate to to set the password for Auto Discovery service. Once you have registered and selected Set Identity, the HMAC Token auto-populates. Click Test Connection to ensure that the connection is functional.
  2. Enable the Auto Discovery Certificate Pinning option to upload your own certificate and pin it to the auto discovery function. You can review the validity dates and other information for existing certificates, and also can Replace and Clear these existing certificates.

  3. Select Add a certificate and the settings Name and Certificate display. Enter the name of the certificate you want to upload, select the Upload button, and select the cert on your device.

  4. Select Save to complete an autodiscovery setup.

Instruct end users who enroll themselves to select the email address option for authentication, instead of entering an environment URL and Group ID. When users enroll devices with an email address, they enroll into the same group listed in the Enrollment Organization Group of the associated user account.

Configure Autodiscovery Enrollment from a Child Organization Group

You can configure Autodiscovery Enrollment from a child organization group below the enrollment organization group. To enable an autodiscovery enrollment in this way, you must require users to select a Group ID during enrollment.

Force users to select a Group ID during enrollments.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > General > Enrollment and select the Grouping tab.

  2. Select Prompt User to Select Group ID.

  3. Select Save.

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