Applications require re-wrapping for several reasons that include app wrapping engine updates, operating system changes, and system fixes. The console identifies wrapping issues in the console so you know to re-wrap an application.

The re-wrap process follows the same steps as the original wrapping process except you must build a new version of the application before you upload it to the console.


  1. Build a new version of the app so that it has a version number that is greater than the currently deployed version in Workspace ONE UEM.
  2. Upload the rebuilt app to Workspace ONE UEM in Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal.
  3. Use the app wrapping tab to re-wrap the application.


Workspace ONE UEM does not push a wrapped app to devices until the wrapping engine reports wrapping success. Find the success status in the Workspace ONE UEM console at Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal and view the Wrap Status column.

If wrapping fails, use the Queue App For Wrapping check box on the App Wrapping tab, which only displays upon failure. The wrapping engine re-wraps the application after you select Save & Publish from the flexible deployment page. When the wrapping engine reports success, Workspace ONE UEM pushes the application to devices. This work flow prevents pushing failed wrapped applications to devices.